Pharmacy hosts Infant CPR Basics class

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JEFFERSON CITY - Whaley's West Side pharmacy is taking extra steps to make young families feel comfortable if an emergency situation arises with their young one.

Whaley's hosts monthly classes geared towards parents to help them make life easier.

"We've covered topics ranging from breast feeding, to starting solids, to car seat safety," Marketing Director Ilana Holland said.

This is Whaley's Mommy and Me's first CPR basics class. Holland said it's perfect timing, since February is American Heart Month. Whaley's lactation consultant and Holland work hand in hand to provide free classes to the community.

"It's something we like to do to give back, and make sure all care givers are prepared and knowledgeable," Holland said.

The event is a basics class. Attendees will not be CPR certified. But Holland said it helps make caretakers more comfortable. Holland said the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross will host CPR certified classes that last about a day. Having the basics is something that can help keep your kids safe.

"I'm a mom myself and understand how important it is," Holland said. "Even just a small mean can turn into an emergency."

Infant CPR requires the use of two fingers to push below the sternum. Someone performing CPR will need to perform 30 compressions and two rescue breaths. They will then repeat the process until their baby regains consciousness.

"We do see a lot of young families in our pharmacy," Holland said. "We just think this is something every caregiver needs to know if they're going to be around little ones."

The American Heart Month focuses on raising awareness for heart disease. The National Heart, Blood, and Lung institute encourages people to be healthy to avoid heart disease.