Phone Scam Knows Old Passwords

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FULTON - A woman in Fulton warns other residents on Friday after she received a phone call from a man who knew her personal information.

Deloris Clowson received a phone call at 11:20 Friday morning from an unidentified man. Clowson said the man knew some of her old passwords associated with her email account, and the man wanted to verify the passwords with her current email account.

Clowson said she listened for to the phone call for a minute and then hung up. She then sat shocked and decided to dial the number back. The number that showed up on her caller ID is a number registered in San Diego County, California. Clowson said no one answered the phone when she attempted to call back.

Clowson proceeded to call the Missouri Attorney General's office and described what happened to her. Clowson said the Attorney General's office said they have received several calls describing the same scam.

Clowson added the Missouri Attorney General's office told her to hang up if she receives any more similar calls. Also, they suggested Clowson change all of her passwords for all of her accounts including email or any other social networking sites.

Clowson will also take the extra step and get her computer professionally checked. The computer check-up will cost Clowson more than $100.