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COLUMBIA - Students involved with Boone County's Teen Outreach Program showcased photos addressing community health issues on Monday.

"They tackled many issues from bullying to smoking and recycling," Public Health Promotion Supervisor Michelle Shikles said.

The photos are a part of a bigger project called Photovoice. Shikles said Photovoice gives students a chance to investigate the health issues in the community through cameras and captions.

"Students aren't always heard so it's a good opportunity for them to share their voices," Shikles said.

The group includes students from Battle High School, Rock Bridge High School, Hickman High School, Douglass High School and Sturgeon High School.

According to the city's website, the program is designed to "equip students with the skills they need to succeed." The program is a part of a national Teen Outreach Program, which focuses on everything from goal-setting to community service learning.

Daphrose Niyonsaba is a freshman at Rock Bridge High School. She said she took pictures of recycling bins and cigarettes because she wants people to appreciate a clean community.

"Just take the trash and the glass and and throw it in the trash instead of just throwing it down," Niyonsaba said. "It only takes two or three seconds." 

Shikles said the project won't end after the showcase. 

"After the photos are showcased they will be displayed at the health department and we will use some of their data in a report about the community's overall health," Shikles said.