Pilot Program Brings Energy Savings

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COLUMBIA- Low-income families could save money on their energy bills so funds can be used on pressing family needs. Central Missouri Community Action (CMCA) is working with Columbia Water and Light to make more energy efficent homes.

CMCA started the Enchanced Home Performance with Energy Star pilot project this March, which allows low-income families to apply for enegery-efficient upgrades for their homes.

"It's a non-cash way of assisting somebody so that they are able to pay their utility bills by simply reducing their utility bills," CMCA's Energy and Housing Manager Richmond Wheeler said.

CMCA saw a need for this program in anticipation of federal funding cuts for weatherization. CMCA hopes the pilot project will bring attention to the need for the program and is now accepting applications for families who qualify. 

So far, the homes that have been updated have seen a 27% increase in energy savings. 

"Our client feedback is always that after the work is done, they notice the comfort level and energy savings," Wheeler said. 

To apply, fill out the weatherization assistance form on www.showmeaction.org. You will have to show:

-Proof of ALL household income for previous three months

-A copy of current utility bills (including gas) with account numbers visible

-Homeowners will need to provide proof of ownership

-Renters will need to provide the landlord's name, address and phone number

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