Pinkel Could Face Charges for DWI

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COLUMBIA- The Boone County Prosecutor has not filed formal charges against MU football coach Gary Pinkel as of Thursday evening.

Assistant Boone County Prosecutor Cassandra Rogers is the lead on this investigation and will ultimately make the final decision on whether to press charges against Pinkel.

If the prosecutor's office does decide to bring formal charges against Pinkel, he could face a Class B misdemeanor, along with a 30-day suspended license and possible fine. Since this could be Pinkel's first offense, the charges would be more lenient.

While possible legal charges looming, attorneys in Columbia said a quicker resolution would ease the public relations backlash. Attorney David Tyson Smith said the sooner this issue is resolved, the better for the community.

""It could do more PR damage to have this thing drug out for a year, a year and a half. I'd move quickly, and cut this tree down," he said.

KOMU will continue to update this story as new details emerge.