Pinkel Pleads Guilty to DWI

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COLUMBIA - University of Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkel pled guilty at 11:30 AM Friday morning to a class B misdemeanor of driving while intoxicated. Judge Bryson sentenced Pinkel to a suspended 30 day jail sentence and two years of unsupervised probation. This means as long as Pinkel does not break his probation he will never serve jail time.

The Assistant Boone County Prosecuting Attorney issued a decision to charge Pinkel with a class B misdemeanor for driving while intoxicated after finding probable cause in the police report and dash cam video.  Pinkel's attorneys contacted the prosecutor's office this morning and reached an agreement that Pinkel should be charged with a first offense DWI.  Because of the agreement, Pinkel's attorneys were able to get him into the courtroom today to plead guilty.

Pinkel refused brethalyzer and blood tests in the field, but because of state law deputies still took Pinkel to the hospital to have his blood drawn. However, since Pinkel already pled guilty Boone County is destroying the blood sample.

According to the Boone County Sheriff's Department offense report, Pinkel admitted to drinking two glasses of red wine Wednesday night before getting in his car to drive to a friend's house. When asked how big the servings of wine were, Pinkel stated they were jumbo.

A deputy pulled Pinkel over after noticing he was driving under the speed limit and then failed to use his turn signal to get off the highway.  Pinkel then drove on the edge of a curb while turning into a parking lot.

Pinkel refused original sobriety tests saying he has an achilles injury.  Deputies then performed non-physical field tests. A deputy asked Pinkel to recite the alphabet from E to R. In the dashboard video you can hear Pinkel respond with "E-F-G-H-R." In the dashboard video, you can hear Pinkel is unable to say the alphabet from E to R. When Pinkel asked how he did the deputy advised him there are other letters between H and R. Pinkel then said again "A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-R."

The deputy also asked Pinkel to count from 73 to 62. Pinkel stated he couldn't do that normally and asked the deputy if he was kidding. He never performed that test.



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