Pinkel resigns after 15 years

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COLUMBIA – After 15 years at the University of Missouri, Gary Pinkel is resigning as head coach of the Missouri Tigers at the end of the season.

Pinkel, 63, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer of the blood in May. After consulting with his family in late October he decided this would be his last season as head coach.

In 15 years, Pinkel transformed the Missouri program to respectability and led the team to 10 bowl games. Along the way, he passed Missouri legend Don Faurot for most wins as head coach of the Tigers. He currently has 117 wins as Missouri coach.

Maybe his biggest achievement was the success and stability Missouri found as it changed conferences from the Big 12 to the SEC. In 2012, Missouri’s first season in the SEC, the Tigers struggled finishing the season 5-7. Pinkel didn’t make any drastic changes, sticking with many of his coaches and players.

Missouri had a breakout season in 2013, winning the SEC East and leaving itself one win away from playing in the National Championship game. Mizzou made it back to Atlanta again the next season as back-to-back SEC East champions.

He will finish his career coaching the players whom just last Sunday he supported during their call for the removal of the University of Missouri System President. Now Pinkel looks for support from those same players as Mizzou tries to reach another bowl game in his final season.