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 COLUMBIA - Columbia Water and Light started replacing a 6-inch water line on Texas Avenue Monday. The existing pipe will be replaced with an 8-inch water main from Creasy Springs Road to Parkade Boulevard and a 12-inch water main from Parkade Boulevard to Garth Avenue.

"In 2008, the voters of Columbia approved a bond issue for water improvements, so this is part of that bond funding. We have been planning this project since 2008," said Connie Kacprowicz, spokesperson for Columbia Water and Light.

According to Kacprowicz, this is one of the last projects to be completed from that original bond. Kapcprowicz said Columbia Water and Light and the Public Works department try to combine projects to help people living in affected areas. Along with the construction on the water line, the Public Works Department will be doing road construction on Texas Avenue. 

"Public Works and Water and Light communicate constantly, not only for building projects that other people are coming in town and doing, but also projects that we are working on," Kacprowicz said.

The upgraded water line will increase the amount of water that can be delivered to the area for consumers and firefighting purposes. According to Kacprowicz, the group hopes the construction will be finished in October. The plan is expected to cost $950,000.