Pit Bull Bites Fulton Boy

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FULTON - Police said Monday stronger laws could have prevented the latest attack by a neighborhood dog.  Police said a pit bull bit a 12-year-old boy in Fulton on Friday as the boy was walking home from school. The police report said the child was walking home around 3:30 p.m. when the dog came up from behind him and bit him, leaving two puncture wounds.

A witness who didn't want to go on camera said he's seen the boy harassing the dog before. Police said witnesses told them the boy was not harassing the dog when the incident happened.

The boy was taken to Callaway Community Hospital, treated and released. The dog was picked up by animal control and euthanized due to its aggressiveness.

Deputy Chief Major Roger Rice said the city needs a tougher ordinance for dog owners.

Holly Lucas, the owner of a different pit bull not involved in the incident, said Monday she thinks overly-aggressive dogs are due to bad owners, not bad dogs.

Lucas said her dog Isis saved her cousin when she was choking. "If it wouldn't have been for Isis, coming and getting one of us Abby would be dead," Lucas said.

Lucas told KOMU she think incidents like the one in Fulton are a result of bad owners. "It's all on how they're raised and treated. If you raise them right and treat them right, they are good, loyal dogs."