Pizza companies may have only a few delivery drivers on Super Bowl

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COLUMBIA - Some Columbia pizza companies deliver hundreds of pizza on Super Bowl Sunday with as few as three drivers.

Manager of Shakespeare's Pizza, Kurt Drennan Mirtsching, said the restaurant receives hundreds of orders for pizza before the Super Bowl starts Sunday night. But between the three Columbia locations, they only have about nine drivers. 

"We get an awful lot of preorders for catering for big parties," Mirtsching said. "Deliveries kick in and it all kind of peaks right around the beginning of game time."

Owner of The Italian Village, David Martin, said the Superbowl is one of the busiest nights for his delivery drivers. Although the restaurant only has one location, Martin said it delivers about a hundred pizzas this day every year to the surrounding area. 

Mirtsching said once the game starts, the orders slow down until the end of the game for after parties. 

"You would think people would order throughout the game, but I think everyone settles in and watches the game, and once they are watching the game, they don't think of anyone else," Mirtsching said.

On a busy weekend, those who order from Shakespeare's can expect to wait about 30 mintues to an hour. When it's Superbowl Sunday, people should expect to wait a little longer since the restaurant will be delivering multiple orders at a time. The Italian Village pizza deliveries can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the service used to deliver the pizza.