Pizza Delivery More than Just a Job for Mizzou Star

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JOPLIN, Mo. - Many college athletes work summer jobs to make a little money, but for Mizzou softball star Nicole Hudson, her summer job takes on a special meaning. The Missouri Tigers third baseman has been delivering pizza for Domino's in Joplin for her father, who owns a pair of Domino's restaurants. One of the restaurants was destroyed in the May tornado that devastated the area.

Said Hudson, "You know, I think it would've been kind of easy to take the summer off, but as I said, I needed the money and I wanted to be here. And since I felt like I couldn't be here when the tornado actually hit, I didn't get to come back for like a month, and it was just kind of a way that I could help a little bit." 

Nicoles's father, Shane Hudson, is proud of his daughter and appreciates her efforts to help.  

He said, "I think we brought her up pretty good, and she's always been a team player, and she realizes we're a team here, and whatever she could do to help, she was ready to step right in."

When it comes to Joplin Domino's deliveries, in this case the delivery person is a Mizzou softball star from Webb City.