"Plan B" Remains Behind The Counter

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COLUMBIA- The U.S. Health Department rejected an application to allow Plan B One Step to be sold over the counter.  Teva Women's Health Inc. submitted the application in February of 2011 so that the drug would be available for all females of reproductive age.

Plan B One-Step is an emergency contraceptive, sometimes referred to as the "morning after pill." Currently Plan B One-Step is sold behind the pharmacy counter to women ages 17-years-old and older. It is available by prescription to girls 16-years-old or younger.

The drug has been found to be safe and effective with appropriate use, however health care professionals in the Central Missouri area have mixed opinions regarding this controversial topic.

Bill Morrissey of Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy said, "There's good purpose, there's good reasoning, there's good rational" behind the age restriction. However, Planned Parenthood said it is "extremely disappointed in the decision not to lift the availability restriction for over the counter access to emergency contraception."

FDA has recommended approval of this application, and if the application were approved, the product would be available, without prescription, for all girls of reproductive age.