Plan proposed for new accessible parking spots

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Public Works will hold an informal open house Wednesday regarding the plan for new downtown accessible parking spaces.

The purpose of this meeting is to present design concepts. These include converting existing on-street parking spaces to accessible parking spaces.

"People from the public can come look at our design concepts and give us feedback and we can kind of evolve the design into something that is acceptable to the community," Public Works Engineering Specialist Sam Budzyna said.

There will be a total of five new accessible parking spaces, he said. They will be at three locations along East Broadway in the downtown area.

"One location is the northeast corner of Broadway and Eighth, northeast corner of Broadway and Tenth, and then there is an alley on the south side of Broadway in between Hitt and Waugh," Budzyna said.

The city worked with the Downtown Community Improvement District and Disabilities Commission to choose these spots.

Budzyna said the plans presented Wednesday are subject to change, depending on what the public has to say.

"It's just an idea right now," Budzyna said. "Hopefully after tonight we will get some more ideas and move forward with the design."

Construction on the parking spaces will not take place until 2015. The project is estimated to cost $43,000. Funding for the project will come from the council-appropriated discretionary funding.