Plan Would Make Changes to St Charles Road

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COLUMBIA - A committee passed six amendments to a plan today at a city council hearing that would make changes to St. Charles Road north of Interstate 70. The Columbia Area Transportation Study Organization (CATSO) developed the plan to make intersections safer and traffic flow more smoothly through an area that is becoming more developed.

Under the new plan, a portion of St. Charles Road would directly link to Route Z to avoid traffic congestions through a nearby intersection. The change would require obtaining land from a private developer to build the road, but committee members said the developer has not voiced opposition to the plan.

Not only will Columbia's new high school be on this road, but an elementary school, and new subdivisions as well. The six amendments passed with little opposition, but the committee members were quick to say that this is just a plan, not a construction project. There have been no proposed start or end dates for the plan to take place.