Planned Parenthood Rally

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COLUMBIA - Planned Parenthood will be painting MU's campus pink Tuesday.

The organization will be rallying in Speaker's Circle with hopes of voicing its views and enlightening those in opposition to abortion. Organizers of the rally say the goal is to make it known nationally why women need reproductive health care centers.

Those in support are encouraged to wear pink to the rally and even those who could not make it are encouraged to do the same. 

But many are opposed to the movement. Students and members from MU's College of Republicans spoke out against the movement and shared why they were in opposition. One member referenced the Bible. 

"Many Bible verses have talked about this, you're shaped in your mother's womb," Scott Hilse said. "I believe that life begins then and to end a life that already began is murder, and that's how I see Planned Parenthood with abortion now."

The chairman of MU's College of Republicans said he was attending the rally to provide a voice for those who can't.

"The reason that we're going to be kind of contesting this rally, is cause we also believe in the voice of the baby," Skyler Roundtree said. "We don't see anyone arguing for the voice of the child."

Roundtree also said it is not their goal to stir things up or cause chaos, but to simply provide a counter. 

The rally is set to begin at 4:30 p.m.