Planning and Zoning Holds Public Hearing on Proposed Wine and Liquor Shop

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing Thursday night about developing a retail store plan called Macadoodles.

Wendling Developent, LLC requested the city to approve an 8,665 square foot retail store including a service station and drive-thru. The location which covers 1.73 acres is at the northeast corner of Providence Road and Green Meadows Road. 

The previously approved plan was a 7,000 square foot restaurant on the subject site, but the new plan includes a landscape screening along the site's Carter Lane. Franchiser owners said this is the result of what they had negotiated with the developers and the Meadows neighborhood back in 2011.

Residents at the meeting questioned the franchise owner about the distance between the building and the edge of any driveway and adjacent property line. But a nearby business owner welcomes the competition.

"We like the idea. Competition will just be more and more on the south side every year. So it's a good thing for us," said Billy Cabral, the co-owner of Taphouse, right across the project site.

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