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COLUMBIA – Plato’s Closet opened a newly renovated store Thursday to give mid-Missouri teens and young adults affordable, high quality clothing options.

Krisan Lewis, owner of Columbia Plato’s Closet, said every person should have the opportunity to wear the latest styles and trends.

“Everybody deserves to get a bargain, no matter who you are, so being able to provide that for customers to find really stylish stuff at a great price is really important for the community,” Lewis said.

The store also gives the community a place to recycle gently used clothes and accessories.

The World Wear Project estimates the average American throws away 70 lbs. of clothing each year, instead of recycling and trading in. This takes up five percent of total landfill space.

“Going green and buying something that’s been used is good for the environment,” Lewis said.

Plato’s Closest is a national franchise, but individually owned. The store in between East Broadway and Tremble Road is the only location in all of mid-Missouri.

Sharon DeLuke, Plato’s Closet shopper, said she likes the deals, but feels good knowing the clothes she brings in will go to a good cause.

“Instead of just throwing them out like its nothing, bringing them here means they could go to someone who needs them more,” Deluke said.

The renovated store also provides more of a modern and accessible look for customers.

“Instead of circus-themed carpet and bright colored walls, we decided to freshen it up with a little bit more modern and sleek appearance,” Lewis said. “We tried to make it easier for customers to shop.”

In celebration of the opening, the store will have giveaways, a photo booth and tattoo artist through Saturday.