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COLUMBIA - New Haven Elementary could be home to a brand new playground. 

The school is competing in a national competition put together by a company called Culturelle. 

The journey began in October when Karla Yung was sent the information for the playground grant by a friend.

Yung is a reading teacher at New Haven Elementary.

"At the time I thought great idea but I'll have to say no, that looks very labor intensive," Yung said.

But her feelings about the grant changed after stepping outside to bring in a group of students.

"I went out on the playground to pick up a kindergarten reading group and just happened to look up and see the shape that our playground was in," Yung said.

Afterwards Yung decided to apply for the grant. She teamed up with New Haven's principal and she contacted Columbia Public Schools for support. 

Yung said the application process included submitting 24 attachments, a 360 view of the playground and 6 essays about why the school needed a new playground.

Her son, Aidan Yung, is in the 5th grade at New Haven Elementary. He said getting the new playground would be mean a lot to the students.

"If we get new playground equipment, more kids can do more things, have more physical activity, have more fun and more space," Yung said. 

Karla Yung said it would be a lot to not only students but also to the children who live in the surrounding neighborhood. 

"Every votes counts, it's bigger than New Haven School, it's bigger than Columbia Public Schools District, it's for the state of Missouri," Yung said.

Voting for the grant opened yesterday and will remain open until March 16th.