Pledges needed for YMCA in Ashland

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ASHLAND - The Southern Boone YMCA Advisory Board is asking the community of Ashland to step up and pay for a fitness center many said was a great need.

Ashland residents surveyed said a fitness and health center in Ashland's growing community is a definite need.

Yet, the fundraising for the project is not on schedule. Of the $500,000 needed to build the YMCA, businesses and donors have only pledged one-fourth of that so far.

The Board said the other three-quarters will have to come from the community, and fast.

President of the Board, Lonna Trammell, said they must have pledges for the 500,000 dollars by mid-November.

"The timeline is basically the first to the middle of November. If we are not at or very close to our goal by November of this year, we're probably gonna have to pull the plug on this project, so we really have to show the community wants this and is going to support this," Trammell said.

Although the pledges are due in a couple months, the board has five years to actually raise the funds. Trammell said residents can sacrifice something small to make a big difference.

"If you bring lunch one more day per week instead of going out to eat, that can add up to 25 dollars a month," Trammell said.

Add that up over five years, and Trammell said you have enough money to donate over $1,000 to the YMCA.

Trammell said she hopes people see the benefits of a fitness center in town.

"Ashland is growing, there are more residents, and the facilities haven't grown with it. This could be a huge economic boom for the city," Trammell said.

There will be a pledge day October 1 at the Commerce Bank in Ashland. Everyone who pledges will be entered into a drawing for MU football tickets.

To find out more information, go to the Southern Boone YMCA website.