Plunkett Trial Enters Second Day

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - The murder trial of the wife of a former mid-Missouri police officer entered its second day Wednesday.

Sandra Plunkett is charged with first-degree murder for the death of her husband, Paul Plunkett, in 2011. He was a Jefferson City police officer.

Wednesday afternoon, the state called Mark Edwards of the Jefferson City Police Department to the stand. Edwards was a friend of Paul Plunkett. Prosecuting Attorney Chris Wilson questioned Edwards about the possibility of domestic violence between the couple, as well as the victim's history with excessive force allegations during his time with the Jefferson City Police Department. Edwards confirmed he had looked into Plunkett's history of force, but not not seen any signs of abuse toward Ms. Plunkett. 

Public Defender Justin Carver followed with additional questions during the cross-examination. He asked Edwards if there is always evidence in domestic violence cases. Edwards replied there is not always evidence. 

Earlier Wednesday, the court heard recordings of Plunkett's third interview with Missouri State Highway Patrol Sergeant Darren Blankenship. During the trial, Blankenship said he asked if Plunkett was sorry for shooting her husband and Plunkett said yes. 

Plunkett admitted to going on a drive after shooting her husband and disposing of the gun a few feet from a gravel road.

While on the stand, Sergeant David Rice said he did not notice any signs of physical injury or harm to Plunkett during his interactions with her. Plunkett's defense attorney said Plunkett killed her husband in self-defense after being abused. In a preview interview, Plunkett said her husband punched her in the face and held a gun to her head. 

In her first interview, Plunkett told investigators a man dressed in camouflage pointed a gun at her outside her home and she later found her husband shot to death in their home.

The trial is being held in Callaway County, but the jury was chosen in another county. 

The trial is expected to resume tomorrow [Thursday] in the Callaway County Court House around 9 a.m.