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The Plusketeers Challenge is a way for people to use their social media platform for good.  Created by a group that met in Google Plus Hangouts, this organization seeks to raise money and awareness for people on the bottom of the world's pile of human misery. All you have to do is use your own social media platform to share posts.  Personal Energy Transportation or PET International is one Plusketeers' recipient.  PET makes hand cranked carts for victims of landmines, poor nutrition, crocodile bites, polio and more.  It costs $250 to build a PET.  If you'd like to join Sarah Hill's charity team for "The Culture that Crawls" or create your own charity team, please visit the Plusketeers Challenge Donation Page .  For more information about the people who live on the ground, you can see the Culture that Crawls documentary created by Alex Rozier, Sarah Hill, Scott Schaefer and Jen Reeves.  For more information, please visit