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COLUMBIA - Setting off fireworks is illegal within the city limits of Columbia.

According to the city of Columbia Code of Ordnances section 16-234 anyone that is in possession of a firecracker, roman candles, torpedo, bomb, rocket, pinwheel, fire balloon, or any other type of firework besides sparklers is guilty of a misdemeanor. 

Columbia Police Officer Brad Overton said, “It is illegal to have any fireworks besides sparklers inside the city limits, and any large more type fireworks or bottle rockets are legal."

However Officer Overton said people are able to purchase fireworks outside the city limits in Boone County. People are just not allowed to set them off within Columbia city limits.

“Both DWI units are working all weekend, and there is also extra patrol for fireworks," Overton said. 

Overton said the police are able to ticket  anyone that is in possession of fireworks in Columbia, confiscate the fireworks, and charge a fine.