Police Association Gets National Attention From Facebook Post

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Police Officers' Association (CPOA) got some unwanted national attention Tuesday for a post it made to the group's Facebook page.

The Huffington Post grabbed a screenshot of the post the group has since deleted.

That post reads, "CPD wants a new armored vehicle. Partly b/c when you drive up in one, people surrender and come out of the house. BUT... if CPD rolled up in the new Mercedes 6x16, you KNOW all the boys in the hood would come running out the house - just to admire your ride! I say we roll up in style."

KOMU 8 News emailed and left a voicemail for the executive director of the CPOA but had not received a reply as of 9:30 p.m.

The CPOA is a non-union organization of law enforcement officers.

KOMU 8 News talked to one local African American who said the phrase "boys in the hood" bothers him most. 

"That an armored vehicle, an armored Mercedes would actually bring the boys out of the hood, out of the house.. it gives that stereotype that African American males are only attracted to flashy cars and things like that," said Cameron Grant.

Grant added the CPOA did the right thing by removing the post.

"Obviously it was offensive because if they didn't see it in that light, they would've left it up," he said. "So by taking it down, they're owning up to how offensive it can be, how offensive it actually is."

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