Police Confirm Hy-Vee Sexual Assault Suspect

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COLUMBIA - After 5 p.m. on Thursday, the Columbia Police Department confirmed Todd Rekhop as the suspect in the Conley Rd. Hy-Vee sexual assault case on Tuesday evening. Police say that evidence from the scene positively links Rekhop to the assault. Rekhop's involvement in the Sam's Club incident has not been confirmed, but police believe he was involved.

Another attempted assault occurred in Boonville after the Columbia incidents, leading Boonville police to say that suspect was the same. Police said that man, Todd Rehkop, attempted to assault an attendant at a Boonville gas station. The woman talked him out of the attack and said he left the gas station and drove west. Police said Rehkop was then involved in a traffic stop with the Lafayette County Sheriff's department. Police said Rehkop shot and killed himself in the standoff.