Police data show trend of growth for homicides in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - Police are still investigating the death of Augustus Roberts, the man found dead at a home in the Old Hawthorne neighborhood on Monday.

No motive or suspect information has been released in the case yet.

Roberts' death is the tenth homicide in Columbia this year, a number the city hasn’t reached in nearly 20 years. That number does not include death investigations from 2017 not yet classified as homicides.

According to data from the Columbia Police Department, aside from Roberts' case, four of the cases are still open (indicated with a "*"):

  1. March 21, Shamya Brimmage
  2. March 26, Michael Walker*
  3. March 26, Jeffery Jones*
  4. May 22, Cameron Caruthers*
  5. June 24, Quenten Hurt
  6. July 16, Jamar Hicks*
  7. July 22, Damian Davis
  8. September 15, Nathan Taylor
  9. October 7, Richard Ward
  10. December 11, Augustus Roberts*

According to the data, the last time the homicide rate was this high was in 2000, which set the record of nine homicides. The data also reported spikes in 2005 with 8 cases, and 2016 with 6 cases.

These numbers show a trend of growth in homicide numbers over the years.The information starts with 1997, when there were only four homicide cases.

Neighbors of Roberts said they have a good neighborhood and were shocked by this crime.