Police Host Active Shooter Training in Boonville

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BOONVILLE - Boonville Police held an active shooter and armed intruder training session at Boonville R-1 High School Wednesday evening that brought more than 200 attendees.

The main takeaway of the information was that while nobody wants to be in a dangerous situation, having defensive skills and being prepared is important.

In life-threatening situations, the officers indicated that there are three options - run, hide, or fight.  They emphasized that it's important to run away from the danger and not get in the way of the police.  If you have to hide, find somewhere that gives you cover, and not just concealment.  If you have to fight, others will likely help you.

They noted that it is important to stay out of police officers' way when they arrive at a dangerous scene, and to always keep your hands where they can see them.  They say you want to avoid being a distraction.