Police kill James Horn Jr. days after murder of woman held in box

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JOHNSON COUNTY - Police in Clinton shot and killed James Horn Jr. Saturday after a two-day manhunt. Police believe Horn Jr. murdered a woman he had previously held captive in a box. Sandra Kay Sutton's teenage son was also killed.

Clinton police Lt. Sonny Lynch said Horn Jr. was shot and killed in an abandoned home located about a half mile from Pettis County in Johnson County. According to Lynch, a search team from the Missouri Rural Case Squad encountered Horn Jr. hiding in a closet in the abandoned residence.

The search team was acting off of tips received Friday night and found Horn Jr. in the home Saturday morning around 11:15 a.m., Lynch said. Horn Jr. was found armed with a handgun, threatened the search team and refused to surrender. The search team then opened fire, killing him.

Police had been searching for Horn Jr. for about three weeks after he was charged with kidnapping Sutton. He had allegedly been keeping her captive in a box for about four months, threatening her with a knife and repeatedly raping her before she escaped.

A national crime alert was issued for Horn Jr. Thursday after Sutton and her son were found shot to death in Clinton.

Authorities said they are still searching for those who may have helped Horn Jr. evade police.