Police officers cleared in deadly shooting

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City Police Department concluded its investigation Friday on an officer involved shooting that killed John Loaiza, 40, earlier this month. 

In a release citing reports from both the Missouri State Highway Patrol and Prosecuting Attorney Mark Richardson, the police department determined the officers "acted in accordance with applicable state law and indicated no criminal charges would be forthcoming," according to the release. 

The shooting took place after Officers Whitener and Duncan responded to a domestic assault in progress call on the 300 block of East Dunklin Street, on October 3. 

The report stated the officers arrived on the scene and were approached by Loaiza in a "violent threatening manner with a pipe," according to the report. 

"After they gave him repeated commands to stop, he did not. Fearing for their own lives, they did use deadly force on him," Richardson said. 

Investigations determined Loaiza continued to advance towards the officers who then fired at Loaiza, causing him to fall to the ground. 

After officers provided CPR to Loaiza, he was then transported to Capital Region Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. 

Richardson's report found Loaiza's actions "posed an immediate threat of death, or serious physical injury to the officers," that required them to use deadly force in self-defense. 

The report also cited Loaiza's prior history with law enforcement, finding based on these incidents his intent on the scene "seemed to be firm." 

"All use of force however is evaluated on the circumstances at the present, no one can be shot based on past incidents unless there is a current immediate threat to the officers lives, which in this case there was." Richardson said.  

Following the review, the police department determined no disciplinary action will be taken.

The officers will return to active duty starting October 30.