Police Review Board Discusses Possible Changes

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Citizens Police Review Board meets Monday night at City Hall. The review board is supposed to get public opinion on possible ordinance changes.

One of the things the review board wants is in a proposed ordinance. One thing the review board didn't want is there as well.  It did want police to provide the board with monthly and annual reports on complaints. That is one of things that's proposed.

The one thing the review board did not want was records and meetings to be closed. It wanted them to be open. That however is not what's proposed. The proposed ordinances also include a definition of the word 'misconduct.'  The board wants that definition to be very broad. The board's definition says 'misconduct' is a violation of federal, local, or state law.

"We're not talking about disbanning the board. We're talking about using some things that we've found are best practices which are things that work," Sergeant Jill Wieneke said.

Here's a full list of the possible changes:
1. Amending the ordinance to include a definition of misconduct
2. Further restrictions on who can appeal to the Citizens Police Review Board and further limitations on the time period for filing an appeal.
3. Requiring the records and meetings regarding complaints to be closed.
4. Placing limitations on the interview and investigative authority of the review board and whether hearings regarding specific complaints should be closed.
5. Imposing additional training requirements for the review board members.
6. Requiring police policies to be posted on-line.
7. Requiring the police department to provide the board with monthly and annual reports on complaints.