Police Review Board Meeting

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Police Review Board held a special meeting Tuesday night to decide the changes it will submit to the City Council for approval.

The hearing was held on Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chamber in City Hall. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the seven possible ordinance changes recommended by the police department, the police's association and the board itself.  This, after last week's heated discussion during the public meeting.

The proposed ordinance changes include:

- Amending the ordinance to include definition of misconduct
- Making further restrictions on who can appear to the Citizens Police Review Board and further limitations on the time period for filing and appeal
- Requiring the records and meetings regarding complaint to be closed
- Placing limitations on the interview and investigative authority of the review board and whether hearings regarding specific complaints should be closed
- Imposing additional training requirements for the review board members
- Requiring police policies to be posted online
- Requiring the police department to provide the board with monthly and annual reports on complaints.

Addressing its duty of protecting the citizens, the board refused to put any restrictions on appeals and disagreed to close the records and meetings concerning complaints against the police department.

In the conclusion, the board made agreement to recommend the City Council to add a definition of misconduct, require police policies to be posted online, and require the police department to give the board monthly and annual reports on complaints.

The board plans to approve the final report to go to council at its next meeting.