Police Rule Arson in Early Morning Trailer Fire

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COLUMBIA - Firefighters responded to 2904 Rangeline, Lot 77 of Colonial Village Mobile Home park at 2:58 am on Monday for a report of a house fire. Residents of lot 77 reported to 9-1-1 that they heard an "explosion" and saw fire and smoke near the bathroom of the mobile home.

Firefighters arrived on the scene at 3:04 am and found a small amount of fire and smoke both inside the mobile home and underneath the mobile home. The six occupants of the mobile home had evacuated safely. The fire was extinguished in less than 5 minutes.

Columbia Fire Investigators ruled out accidental causes for the fire and determined the fire was intentionally set. Fire investigators contacted Columbia Police and asked for a law enforcement investigator to be assigned to the incident.

Fire investigators, working with law enforcement investigators and patrol officers, developed a suspect who was subsequently arrested at the Columbia Police Department where he was taken for questioning.

Fire investigators and law enforcement arrested Joesph G. Warren, 44, for multiple charges including first degree arson and endangering the welfare of a child. Warren is being held in the Boone County Jail with bond to be set.

Damage to the mobile home at lot 77 is estimated at $2,000.