Police Search Boone County Store For Bath Salts

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BOONE COUNTY - The Boone County Sheriff's Department served a search warrant at Mari's convenience store on Prathersville Road early Tuesday morning.

According to a department news release, evidence seized included a large quantity of substances being sold that are believed to contain a controlled substance. The department says it began investigating the store after noticing that Mari's began "devoting more retail space" to the sale of synthetic marijuana, bath salts, stimulant pills and drug paraphernalia about two years ago.

The department considers stimulants known as "bath salts" - unrelated to real bath salts - to contain controlled substances that represent a "significant threat" to Boone County citizens.

"These substances have been known to make people zombie-like or uncontrollably violent," said Major Tom Reddin. "We're responding to a community concern."

Recently, the city of Belle, MO, passed an ordinance banning any use of bath salts. Also a story about bath salts out of Florida got national attention recently when police shot and killed a Florida man who consumed bath salts and proceeded to chew off the face of a random stranger.