Police Spend Tuesday Night In Standoff, Leave Empty Handed

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COLUMBIA - Columbia police spent Tuesday night into Wednesday morning outside a home on Rollins Road trying to convince a man they believed had barricaded himself in the house to come outside. Police found this morning the man they were looking for was not in the house.

The man in question's mother confirmed he violated his parole. The man's family said he skipped several parol appointed classes, which led to the arrest warrant. Police originally tried reaching him by phone, but after he did not pick up, began shouting over a bull horn.

Police began to leave the scene around 3:30 a.m. when they realized the man was likely not in the home, and family was allowed to approach the home.

Family told KOMU that the man had been at the house Tuesday evening, but may have left before the standoff began. The man's mother said she last heard from the man in a text message before 10 a.m. Police did not search the home before they left the scene.

The garage at the home opened around 5:30 a.m. and a vehicle left the home before speeding off. The driver of the vehicle could not be identified.

Columbia police told KOMU they will release more information later Wednesday morning.