Police Unconcerned About Drive-Thru Liquor Store

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COLUMBIA - Columbia's first drive-thru liquor store opened Friday, generating lots of buzz in the community. Macadoodles, on Providence and Green Meadows, allows customers to buy beer, wine and spirits without ever leaving their cars.

"It gives people a great opportunity to grab what they need and go," employee Deandre Brown said. "We try to get people out as soon as possible."

"Sounds like a dream come true," Columbia resident, Todd Narrol said.

The Columbia Police Department said there is no reason a drive-thru liquor store would result in an increase in drinking and driving.

"There's no difference between getting alcohol brought to your car and going in to a store and bringing alcohol into your car yourself," Lieutenant Scott Young said.

Macadoodles Managing Partner, Aaron Jurgensmeyer, said the chain is taking precautions when it comes to the drive-thru and the store.

"We have a very strict carding and serving policy," Jurgensmeyer said.

The store sells over 3,000 wines, 600 beers and a variety of spirits, all of which can be purchased from the car.