Police Warrant Round Up

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COLUMBIA- Columbia Police will be conducting a warrant round-up for more than 100 people with outstanding city arrest warrants on Wednesday, May 4th. The department is currently conducting the round-up with the goal of serving outstanding warrants for more serious city offenses, such as stealing, DWI, resisting arrest, etc. Most of these warrants were issued because individuals failed to appear in court. Warrants for non-payment of fines and costs ordered by the court will also be targeted.  Five or six teams of two police officers each are out searching for suspects.  CPD say some people have turned themselves in since the list was posted.  CPD also said they are looking for quality not quantity when looking for suspects. 

Police say while there are hundreds of outstanding warrents they compiled this with the municipal court based on more serious offences.  There are also many students on the list since many of them will be leaving town soon.

Police encourage those with outstanding warrants to voluntarily turn themselves in at the 6th Street lobby of the Police Department, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Taking care of warrants voluntarily is often much more convenient and expeditious than learning of a warrant after you come in contact with the police.

Below is the list of people they plan to arrest.