Policy to Allow Those 21 and Older to Drink in Fraternity Houses

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COLUMBIA - MU fraternity presidents passed a policy a few days ago that will allow those 21 and older to possess and consume alcohol in fraternity houses starting next August.

Fraternities previously did not allow alcohol on their premises, and this new policy still does not allow communal alcohol like kegs or large packs of beer. A fraternity also must meet certain academic, conduct and risk managemet standards before it can be considered a "damp" house.  Alumni boards, house owners and national fraternity councils also may have a hand in whether a particular house will adopt the policy.

One of the biggest parts of the policy, though, is the effect it is supposed to have on curtailing underage drinking.  Third party auditors will begin doing random, unannounced checks at houses to make sure fraternities comply with the new rules.  Auditors will check common areas and for any signs of alcohol consumption like loud music or yelling.  They will then file a report with Greek Life which will take the matter from there.