Poll: Columbia Most Affectionate U.S. City

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COLUMBIA - Columbia is the most affectionate city per capita in the United States according to a new Facebook poll conducted by the beauty brand Nivea.

The poll was a part of Nivea's "PDA (Public Display of Affection) Day", which they declared is June 20th. The brand launched the initiative to "make the world a more affectionate place." Nivea's website states,"We text more than we hug. We touch our phones more than we touch each other." Apparently that's not the case in Columbia.

The poll was based on the amount of people who pledged to hold hands, give hugs, and plant kisses. More Columbia residents pledged to show off their affection per capita than any other city.

Not all Columbia residents took part in the affectionate festivities.

"I don't plan on participating in any PDA activities, because there's no one to do them with," said student Reid Marple. 

One Missourian had mixed reactions on the topic of PDA in general.

"I hate walking and seeing people making out, that's akward," said Columbia resident Cescily Turner.

Huntsville, Ala., Rockford, Ill., Rochester, N.Y., and Orlando, Fla rounded out the top 5 most affectionate cities.