Polls: Steelman Maintains Lead in Senate Race

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MOBERLY - U.S. Senate candidate Sarah Steelman is leading all Republican candidates in the most recent statewide poll. On June 7, the national Rasmussen poll of 500 likely voters found Steelman up 12 points on Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Steelman was the guest of honor Thursday at a neighborhood carry-in dinner party in Moberly. Steelman's supporters shared kind words with the candidate and enjoyed a relaxed evening of food and conversation. 

Steelman said her platform focuses on a balanced budget amendment and capping the size of government. She said the government needs to stay out of the lives of businesses and families while getting the economy moving again.

Steelman said there is a distinct contrast between McCaskill and her philosophy of government.

"The difference between me and McCaskill is that she believes the government has the answer to everything and that more government spending or more government regulation are going to solve all our problems in this country. I believe the opposite. I believe in protecting individual liberty and freedom and we need to get government out of people's lives," Steelman said.

Steelman said she is focused on talking and listening to people across the state and is not focused on the other candidates running. 

"One of them has been in Congress for 12 years and if you like the direction that Washington's heading now then you probably ought to look at him because I want to shake things up and change things," Steelman said.

According to a Real Clear Politics poll, the average is now a 6 point spread between Steelman and McCaskill.

Details on both polls are available here: Rasmussen Reports and Real Clear Politics.