Poplar Bluff Flood Update

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MISSISSIPPI COUNTY - Landowners in the shadow of the Birds Point levee Friday are awaiting authorities decision on whether to breach the levee. 

If breached, floodwater would likely force a number of residents and farmers off their land. 

David Sprinkles lives and works in the area that might be damaged if the levee is breached. He said the flooding really won't effect his home unless the levee is breached. 

"I don't have to worry about it unless this levee breaks somewhere up in here, you know? Then I'll be in trouble," said Sprinkles. 

Sprinkles hasn't had to work because of the flood and is spending his free time fishing on top of the Birds Point levee.

"You can't stress out, can't stress over this, it's why I fish," said Sprinkles.

A federal judge defeated a lawsuit by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster that would have blocked the Army Corps of Engineers from intentionally breaching the levee.

A spokesperson from the Corps told KOMU 8 the engineers are waiting to decide whether a breach is necessary.