Poplar Bluff Flooding

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POPLAR BLUFF- The Poplar Bluff Police issued a mandatory evacuation Monday morning for the roughly 1,000 people who live south of Black River and east of Highway WW. The evacuation comes as a response to the overflowing of a Black River levee near 607 Butler County Road.

Not everyone was willing to go, however.

"My dad stayed behind, he said he'll go down with the house," said Mary Ann Osborn, a resident of the evacuated area. Everyone who left the evacuation area has free shelter at the Black River Colliseum with the help of the Red Cross. Police are unsure about when people will be let back into their homes.

"It's hard to say." said Officer Jeff Rolland.

"With all this rain coming, it's really up to mother nature right now." Other officers speculated that people could be back in their homes by next week.