Popular whiskey contains antifreeze chemical

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COLUMBIA - A popular whiskey called Fireball has been recalled in three European countries due to an antifreeze chemical but not the United States.

Sweden, Norway, and Finland have banned Fireball because of the chemical propylene glycol in the drink. 

Propylene glycol is a common chemical found in antifreeze, but it is also used to sweeten some foods and drinks. 

The chemical can be found in food like ice cream, icing, sweeteners, and soft drinks. 

The Agency for Toxic Subtsances and Disease Registry says propylene glycol is "generally recognized as safe". 

European countries normally have stricter regulations for ingredients in foods and drinks than the United States so for now Fireball will still be on American shelves. 

The Fireball company Sazerac said it will redo the Fireball formula for these countries to meet regulations and hope to have it back on the shelves in three weeks. 

The FDA has no plans to ban the current Fireball formula in the United States.