Possible COVID-19 exposure at multiple bars has some bar owners upset

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COLUMBIA - Four bars within 24 hours may have been exposed to someone who had COVID-19.

Boone County Health Department tweeted Thursday just before 4 p.m. that anyone visiting Room 38 between June 22nd and 25th may have been exposed. 

Shiloh's tweeted at 1:30 p.m. that an employee had tested positive, and the bar will close until further notice.

Silverball and Willie's were included in a tweet sent by the health department at 3 p.m. that customers may have been exposed on the night of June 26th.

Billy Giordano, the owner of Room 38, said when the tweet about his bar went out, he felt as if they were being singled out.

"Other places have had staff members test positive, and no press release was made," he said. "All of the grocery stores, all of the gas stations, are not really doing anything to help the situation anymore than we are, and yet there's been no record."

Nic Parks, the owner of Silverball, said his staff was already planning on taking the holiday weekend off, and has no plans of shutting down.

"We have no plans of shutting down for two weeks. As of now, no employees have tested positive," Parks said. "This was our decision to close for the holiday to give employees a break and to give them peace of mind before returning after the holiday."

Giordano says he thinks there could have been more collaboration between Room 38 and the health department.

"We feel a little isolated, and it's not that we don't think the public doesn't need to know that it happened, we just think we could have provided more valid information to help the public."

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