Possible Door to Door Scam

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MOBERLY - Door to door sales companies are not always who they say they are. Some solicitors go door to door pretending to have a business selling products or services, but these people do not always have a business license.

Commander Kevin Palmatory of the Moberly Police Department says that once local man was denied a business license for magazine sales. The man said he worked for Martin Sales, Inc. After research, city officials became suspicious of the company. A number of previous complaints were filled against Martin Sales for failing to provide customers with magazines the customers purchased.

Palmatory says that residents should not trust door to door individuals that say they are passing through town. It is important to ask for materials from the individuals. Items such as business cards, promotional materials, and even business licenses can provide information on the company and its products and services.

Adrian McBride of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), says consumers should not pay up front in door to door sales transactions. He suggests paying installments, or paying upon the completion of the sale. People can go to the BBB website to view complaints of local businesses.