Possible improvements along South Providence Road

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COLUMBIA- Columbia's Public Transit Advisory Commission wants Columbia and/or MoDOT to look at making improvements along South Providence Road. Some improvements include improving lighting in the area and possibly lowering the speed limit. 

Steven Hanson is chair of the commission and said things are still a work in progress, including funding.

"One of the biggest problems we have right now is trying to find either the funds with MoDOT to do a full safety study as well as of trying to get the city to do that as well. These all require some sort of funding and trying to figure out who will pay for that," Hanson said.

Although some agree with increasing area lighting, some feel decreasing the speed limit won't do much in regard to pedestrian safety. 

Jake Duvall uses the road often and said decreasing the speed limit won't really make a difference.  

"The speed limit never really bothered me. I don't really see it as too big of an issue except whenever there are football games and stuff whenever it's really, really crowded because people just kind of blow through it, especially at that one stop light before the stadium," Duvall said. 

Another area the commission would like addressed is South Providence Road and Carter Lane. The group said the area is quite dangerous for pedestrians and turning traffic due to the headlights from opposing traffic.

Hanson said in general, the commission is concerned about the safety of pedestrians not only along South Providence Road but throughout Columbia.

"In general, we're concerned with pedestrian interactions with traffic all over Columbia. We want to focus on ways to improve the lighting so drivers can see pedestrians better, so that people going to bus stops can be seen by both the bus drivers and by people driving, and as well just overall making the city proactive in safety issues for pedestrians," Hanson said. 

Other requests the commission hopes to bring forth at the Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission meeting include adopting standards for the overhead lighting of crosswalks and implementing a review process for pedestrian accidents. 

The meeting will take place later this evening at City Hall at 7:00 p.m.