Possible Renaming of Old 63 Roadside Park

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Parks and Recreation is holding a regularly scheduled commissions meeting tonight where it may select a possible new name for Old 63 Roadside Park. At least five names will be proposed, but after one is selected, it still has to go through city council.

The Parks and Rec department received a suggestion of renaming the park after Specialist Sterling William Wyatt was killed in Afghanistan last July.

Legally, there's no issue with renaming the park, but the department says it receives numerous requests about renaming it and that singling out one person or family would be too difficult.

According to a letter written by the department for the commission, five other Columbia residents were killed in military action in the last decade. The renaming will serve as a memorial or tribute to those that lost their lives.

The department will suggest the following names at the meeting: Patriot Memorial Park, Freedom Point Park, Soldier Memorial Park, Columbia Remembrance Park, and Veterans Memorial Park.  

The meeting will have a public comment section for the public to voice their opinions on the possible renaming. The meeting is at 7 p.m. at the Activity and Recreation Center (ARC) at 1701 West Ash Street.