Possible trash site in Columbia

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COLUMBIA -  Monday night's city council meeting will have a dumpster on its agenda.

City council members will vote on spending over half a million dollars on a new trash site. The site would have two new compactors and two dumpsters and would be located at 912 Walnut Street in downtown Columbia.

It is expected to cost a little less than 700,000 dollars. The money would come from revenue within the city's utilities office and would all go to a new trash and recycling collection site.

The City of Columbia's communications specialist for utilities talked with KOMU 8 News in December for a Target 8 investigation about trash build-up less than a black away from where the new trash facility may be located.

"The city works with the CID to determine the best locations around town, around downtown, everyone, all the businesses and residents within the district are able to use any of the bins also related to, that are also located within the district," Patricia Hayles, City of Columbia Communications Specialist for Utilities said.

City council members will vote at the April 16 meeting whether to buy the property where the new site would be located.