Post Office Announces New Delivery Times

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COLUMBIA - The United States Postal Service is changing the amount of days it takes to deliver certain pieces of mail.

Monday the USPS announced it will now take a minimum of two days for first class mail to reach its destination. First class mail is anything stamped under 13 ounces.

"The old time was 1-3 days," said regional spokeswoman Valerie Welsch.

The change will not affect Missourians sending mail to a certain place.

"Mail being sent just inside the Missouri state lines will still only take one day," said Howard Hutton who is the customer relations coordinator for the Columbia area.

"I usually send this package by December 15 for Christmas," said postal customer Lawrence Sapp. "When the change starts I will send things sooner."

USPS is also examining 252 of its 487 processing facilities to decide which of them to close. But according to Hutton, because none of the facilities in Missouri are slated to close first, mail being sent to another location inside the state can still be sent overnight.

"It won't really have an affect on me," saiud postal customer Jackie Cruise. "If it takes two days to arrive it is not a big deal."

Periodicals such as magazines will also be affected. They currently can reach their destination in one day, but when the changes take affect, it will now take at least two days.

"The changes will take place sometime in 2012 but a specific date has not been decided on," Welsch said.

The move is part of a plan to save the USPS $20 billion by 2015.