Potential Capital Mall expansion excites shoppers

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JEFFERSON CITY - Shoppers trickled in and out of Capital Mall in Jefferson City Saturday excited to learn about a mall expansion.

The Jefferson City Planning and Zoning Commission approved plans for a large mall expansion at its meeting Thursday. The expansion includes four new buildings, an increase to Capital 8 Theatres by 8,260 square feet and 9,400 square feet in addition to existing mall buildings. All in all, the project will add 53,160 square feet to Capital Mall. This is about the size of a football field. 

Osage Beach resident Jeff Barklage said he has been coming to the mall since he was a young boy. 

"I remember when the mall first opened. I was 12 years old I think and the place was packed all the time," said Barklage. "I'd like to see it get back like that again."

Other mall goers said they're excited to have more to do on the weekends. Many shoppers said they can't wait to see what new stores will come to the mall.  

"More stores will be good because right now they're going to Columbia or the lake, so maybe more stores will get more people here," said Barklage.

Barklage said when he was younger, his family had a hard time finding a parking spot at the mall because it was always so busy. He remembers packed aisles and said he thinks the expansion could turn the mall around. 

The plans will now go to the Jefferson City council for approval.