Potential severe weather could affect roads and travel

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COLUMBIA - While weather forecasters are concerned with Saturday's weather, the City of Columbia seems to think the opposite. 

"We're anticipating this won't be a major event, but we won't be surprised if it is," said Public Works Information Officer Barry Dalton. 

Dalton said that the city is prepared with supplies if incliment weather does occur. They also have crews ready to plow and salt if needed. 

"We started out the year with about 5,000 tons of salt and we used about 2,600 tons in January and December," Dalton said.

"We also got a shipment of 950 tons, so we're sitting at about 3,350 tons which is more than good for this weather event."

The City of Columbia will work alongside the Missouri Department of Transportation to pre-treat the roads before the weather hits. They split the major streets to get them cleared and covered as soon as possible. 

The City will also send out notifications via their website and social media with any updates regarding weather changes. 

"Our staff goes out at least three hours before service starts, checks road conditions, connects with public works' staff, and then they determine whether or not there will be service changes that day," Public Works Marketing Specialist Shay Jasper said. 

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