Potholes Not a Problem Going Into Spring

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COLUMBIA - Repairing potholes is not a priority this spring for MODOT. Warm winter temperatures and an early start to spring allows street crews to focus on other areas of maintenance other than potholes, like curbs, sidewalks and large street cracks.  

MODOT Area Engineer Mike Schupp says there is less pothole damage to streets and highways due to less moisture and freeze/thaw cycles. Schupp says the money saved helps crews get ready for next winter.  

"We actually didn't spend nearly the money we normally do during the winter time so our salt bins are full of salt so we should be in good shape coming into next winter," said Schupp

He also says crews can start on work that otherwise wouldn't be done until June or July, like repaving the roads and hot mix overlays.

Columbia Public Works says the city is still determining what to do with the extra money saved from less pothole repairs.  Columbia collected recommendations from residents in all six wards, which will then be passed on to City Council.